EYFS Pre-School & Reception (Foundation Stage Age 3 & 4)


Pre-School & Reception

EYFS Pre-School & Reception (Age 3 & 4) are our two Foundation stage years and starts with pre-schoolers in Foundation 1 and ends in Foundation 2 after the children finish their Reception year and enter Key Stage 1 in school.

The curriculum is the same as outlined on the Nursery pages with the main difference being that the children are assessed by the Reception teacher in their final year in order to create an EYFS Profile across the 17 Early Learning Goals. Many parents are not aware of the assessment procedure and it is one of the most frequently asked questions from parents with children in our Reception Class. For this reason we describe the process below.

Basic Skills and Progress

The progress made during the twelve months of schooling in the Reception Class is extraordinary! By the end of Year 1, our children have made a flying start on basic skills that put them head and shoulders above their non-Abbey peers!

Before leaving the Reception Year Abbey Children are reading, writing stories and understanding basic mathematical concepts of counting, addition and subtraction, with many exciting activities, subjects and outings used as a vehicle for developing expressive vocabulary, numeric skills and general knowledge.

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The EYFS Profile Assessments

(Only for parents who would like to know. It’s not compulsory reading!)
The new EYFS framework sets out revised arrangements for completing the EYFS Profile in 2013. This revised EYFS Profile requires teachers to assess children against a new set of 17 early learning goals (ELGs). Teachers use their judgement to decide whether children have met each ELG or whether their level of attainment is above or below the level described by these goals. This will result in a judgement of expected, emerging or exceeding, for each child.

All independent schools must comply with the information in this document and Abbey School does. This includes participating in moderation arrangements for the EYFS Profile and submission of EYFS Profile data to the local authority (this data collection is governed by section 99 of the Childcare Act 2006), as specified in the table in section3.2.1.

The EYFS Profile summarises and describes children’s attainment at the end of the EYFS. It is based on ongoing observation and assessment in the three prime and four specific areas of learning, and the three learning characteristics, set out below:

The prime areas of learning: 

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development

The specific areas of learning:

  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design  

The learning characteristics:

  • playing and exploring
  • active learning
  • creating and thinking critically

A completed EYFS Profile consists of 20 items of information: the attainment of each child assessed in relation to the 17 ELG descriptors, together with a short narrative describing the child’s three learning characteristics.

To discover for yourself the benefits your child will gain from an Abbey School education, make an appointment to visit us now, by email or by calling the School Administrator on 01803-327868.

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Abbey Nursery is more than just 'childcare', as a parent I appreciate the consistency and experience of the teachers, and they way they really get to know the children as individuals, working with you as a parent to ensure the very best for each child, whatever their needs or abilities might be.

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My child has enjoyed being in nursery from day 1. He never wants to come home!

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